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A rework of the classic Mica collection. Mica is a mineral known in Japan for six centuries, also known as "strange stone", "breathing stone or "miracle stone". Breathtaking in its simplicity, yet striking for its grandure.
CONTRACT &commercial
Interiors for the contract and commercial market have a different set of requirements to the general domestic market, both in terms of design and product construction.
Eye-catching spaces
Due to the scale of spaces in commercial locations, there are many products which might have seemed unsuitable for the domestic market which suddenly come into their own in commercial locations. Designs which might appear over-the-top at home might be just the added wow-factor you are looking for in situations such as cocktail bars. On the other hand, it might be something of a more subtle yet stylish look you are seeking.
We can help you with any project so you can find the materials you require. Typically, our customers come to us with projects such as:
- hotels
- cafes
- restaurants
- shop fitting
- show homes on new developments
- show sets in kitchen and furniture showrooms
- exhibition stands
- hospitals
- care homes
We have ranges of products which will make use of these higher ceilings and wider walls to great effect, bringing colour, texture and style to any space.
In locations such as a cocktail bar, this ribbon wallpaper would really come to life and bring that wow-factor.
Fire ratings, durability and hygiene
Public spaces require a different set of fire regulations to the general domestic market. This can trip you up if you are not careful. To ensure you are buying product which is suitable for your intended project, and that it meets all fire requirements, we can advise you on which products are best suited for the location.
You also need to bear in mind that the commercial environment can be much more harsh that the general domestic environment. Products which can withstand use in the home would probably be far too fragile for the contract market. We can offer products which meets the severe contract rating where necessary.
It's might also be crucial that product is tough enough to be able to be thoroughly cleaned when required. We can offer product with surface treatments robust enough to resist dirt, chemicals and bacteria. Such products are ideal choices for use in hospitals and laboratories, from patient rooms to operating theatres.
Specialist environments
Certain rooms might require a specialist wallcovering. An example of this would be cinema rooms where a wallcovering might be desired with an acoustic quality which can dampen sound.
Another example would be in the hospital and care home sector. Here it is important to take into account the specialist medical needs of the patients and residents, and how pattern and texture can affect their day-to-day lives and so their welfare and recovery. This is in addition to any requirement for how easy it is to clean the surfaces to maintain the highest standards of hygiene, or the need to resist chemicals.
Should a specialist material be needed, contact us to discuss the requirements of the project, and we can make suggestions as to what might be possible.
Acoustic wallcoverings are available to help dampen sound in cinema rooms.
Fabric backing
You are not limited simply to wallcoverings which come on paper backs, ready-to-hang. In commercial settings, people often want fabric hung on walls as wallcovering, if only just to create a look which the average domestic client would be unable to achieve.
Should you require a conventional fabric to use on a wall, we can have it paper-backed ready for wallpaper hanging. For more information on this bespoke service, just ask us and we can give you prices and lead times.
Should a fabric not be available ready to hang on a wall, we can arrange to have it paper-backed and turned into a wallcovering.
For more information
To discuss your requirements for the contract and commercial sector, just contact us and speak to one of our specialist advisers. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements for your project and how we can help you.