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The arrival of the monsoon rains brings a new life and energy. The collection is a deluge of exciting ideas, a cloudburst of fresh colours and bold prints.
Like many companies, we are passionate about doing everything we can to protect the environment, and causing it the minimum of damage possible.
Reusing packaging rather than just recycling
Every year, we receive hundreds of cardboard boxes containing stock, all of which are perfectly good for use and do not need crushing for recycling. We think that using these boxes just once is not enough. If a box arrives which is perfectly suited to being reused, we will use it once more to send out stock to customers. This might mean that you receive a box which has been previously used, and so has stickers on it or branded packaging tape from one of our suppliers, but we think this is a small price to pay for trying to reuse rather than recycle. We only use boxes and filling which are suitable to being reused, and all packaging materials which are not up to grade are sent for recycling.
Carbon neutral delivery
Wherever possible, we will send your delivery out using Interlink (there may be times when a different courier has to be used for logistical reasons). Interlink's Total Zero principle means that every parcel we send out using them as a courier will be carbon neutral, all without you lifting a finger!
Our main paint supplier is Little Greene. They share our commitment to environmental practices, and have self-imposed some of the strictest environmental rules to be found in the paint industry.
If you have little ones to worry about, their Absolute Matt Emulsion, Intelligent Matt Emulsion and Intelligent Eggshell paints have all been produced to meet the Toy Paint Regulations (European Standard BS EN 71-3:1995) making them safe to use around children.
With paints meeting EU Toy Paint regulations (European Standard BS EN 71-3:1995), Little Greene's paints are safe to use around children.
All of their water-based paints are manufactured to the lowest eco-rating of any paint company (in this case, lowest is best!). The VOC content of their paints is now almost zero which means their are almost no solvents whatsoever in them – and no solvents means no nasty paint smell. This makes them ideal for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, or for pregnant women who can’t tolerate the smell of paint yet still need the decorating finishing.
When it comes to oil based paints they have been reformulated to use sustainable vegetable oils rather, all without compromising on finish or quality. So if you want a traditional, hard wearing gloss finish, you don’t have to worry about harmful petroleum based oils.
And even their paint cans are made of 50% recycled steel, and are able to be recycled again.