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Willow Flower
Strongly influended by classical Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, this collection evokes mountains, rivers, trees and blossoms.
There is much more to wallpaper paste that you might think. If you use the wrong adhesive, you can actually damage the wallpaper.
Hanging instructions
All wallpapers will contain hanging instructions. This will be either on the label on the wallpaper roll, or might be on a technical information sheet which ships with your paper. It is vital that you follow the exact instructions when using adhesives to make sure you don't damage the paper you are hanging.
Manufacturers' pastes
If directed by a manufacturer to use their own paste to hang a paper, you need to use this to guarantee that the paste will not damage the product you are hanging. If a manufacturer does not have their own brand paste, we can recommend a suitable one which the manufacturer are happy will not damage the paper.
The general rule is that you should never use a flaked, dried paste unless this is expressly indicated by the manufacturer themselves. You should use tub-based, wheat or starch based, ready mixed adhesives.
If you are using a heavier wallpaper, the manufacturer will make sure that the paste the recommend is strong enough to hold the wallpaper to the wall. If you were to use an adhesive which is too weak, it would be possible that your paper might start to come away from the wall over time.
Most manufacturers recommend the use of wheat/starch-based, ready-mixed tub adhesives.
Paste attack
Using the wrong paste can lead to your paper being damaged. This could show itself as soon as you hang the paper or might only show after some time. This is caused by using paste which isn't suitable and is too acidic for the paper.
Examples of paste attack are:
– damage to the surface of the wallpaper (especially metallics),
– dark patches resembling damp appearing over time,
– flock or beads falling off as the adhesive holding them to the paper has become weakened.
All of this can be avoided by using the correct paste as directed by the manufacturer.
So what quantity of which paste do I need, and how do I order it?
This is where a little human interaction helps! Different papers require different brands of paste. These pastes will hang differing numbers of rolls, according to the situation. And what happens if you have wallpapers from multiple brands – could a single paste be used for all the wallpaper hanging?
If you would like us to tell you which paste you will require, and how much paste you will need, mention this during checkout process in the special instructions section. We will take a look at your order and get back to you with which paste you need and in what quantity. We can then add it to your order should you want us to supply it.