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Dragonfly Dance
Inspired a trip to Bali, Matthew Williamson recreates the island paradise of swaying palm trees, and exotic birds and insects.
There is so much more to paint than just choosing a colour. A good base will carry colour well, whether it's a vivid retro colour or a muted heritage tone, in addition to having the necessary opacity to give exceptional coverage in a minimum number of coats. And fewer coats means less cost in the long run on materials, and less time and money on labour.
Heritage colours
Many people have period properties and are seeking paints to match the era their home represents. Little Greene have worked with English Heritage to produce paints which were typical of an area, for example Georgian or Victorian. They also acknowledge that period doesn't just mean old and have produced paints for 50s and 70s properties for the authentic retro look.
Whatever era you are looking to match, Little Greene's partnership with English Heritage gives you access to traditional colours.
Colours never deleted
Many suppliers will update their paint card and stop producing certain colours. This means that if you need to refresh a wall in years to come and require an extra can of paint, your colour might not be available. A usual solution to this requires buying extra cans of paint "just in case" and finding they have gone off and not fit to be used when you need them.
Little Greene's policy is simple – they NEVER delete a colour and it is ALWAYS available. What might happen is that your colour is delisted and falls off the main paint card over time. However, this just means that this colour is not being promoted at the current moment. It always remains available for order. Just tell us the name of the Little Greene colour you want and the finish and we can still get it for you!
Lemon Mivvi is a colour which is no longer promoted on the current Little Greene paint cards. However, being just delisted and not deleted, this colour is still available.
Eco-friendly and ethical
Little Greene have gone over and beyond the norm in the paint industry when it comes to environmental and ethical issues. Their water-based paints have the lowest eco-rating in the industry (in this case, lowest is the best!). What this means is that their are almost no solvents (VOCs) in them which means there is almost no odour. This is perfect for people who have problems using regular paint due to breathing issues caused by fumes.
The eco-friendly credentials aren't just restricted to the water-based paints. They have reformulated their oil-based paints to use sustainable vegetable oils, giving you the traditional high quality finish on your woodwork without having to compromise on the environment.
From a recycling point of view, all of their paint cans are made up of a minimum of 50% recycled steel, which can be recycled once more when you have finished painting.
For those who look for a company who support local business, Little Greene's paint factory is located in the foothills of Snowdonia in Wales, providing local jobs in a remote location. They actively try to source materials from suppliers who share their beliefs regarding supporting local trade too.
In short, quality does not have to mean you need to sacrifice ethics when it comes to painting.
Child safe paints
When selecting paints, you want to know that your little ones will be safe. Little Greene's Acrylic Matt Emulsion and Acrylic Eggshell paints have all been produced to meet this demand, and have been produced to the European Toy Paint regulations, leaving your free to paint rooms in vibrant colours without having to worry about safety.
With paints meeting EU Toy Paint regulations (European Standard BS EN 71-3:1995), Little Greene's paints are safe to use around children.
Direct shipping to site
We are about to ship directly to yourself, or to a third-party location if necessary. For example, if you have a decorator on-site at a new home which you haven't moved into yet, we can ship paint directly to them. This also means that should you find out you have misscalulated on the amount of paint you need and require more ordering, we can get extra shipped to you. To guarantee next-day delivery all you need to do is get your paint order with us by 12 noon.
Advice and tips on hand
To get the best finish, you need to prepare the surfaces correctly. We have advice available on hand to guide you if you are unsure as to whether a paint is suitable for a purpose, or how to prepare the base surface to get a fantastic finish.